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  • Transformer Rails FB Finger Board Grind Rail (12)
  • Transformer Rails FB Finger Board Grind Rail (2)
  • FB Rail - Bench Position - Orange
  • FB Rail - Flat Position - Orange
  • FB Rail - Round Rail Position - Orange
  • FB Rail - Bench Position - Black
  • FB Rail - Flat Position - Black
  • FB Rail - Round Rail Position - Black

Transformer Rail FB

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Fingerboard version of the original Transformer Rail (10” long, 1:10 scale). Only rail to offer a Bench, Round Rail, and Flat Bar all in one. Practice more tricks and progress faster with the Transformer Rail.

Rotate frame to select Bench, Round Rail or Flat Bar. To adjust, loosen screw on each end with Allen wrench (provided), rotate frame to desired position, tighten screw and you are ready to shred.


  • 1.25” wide in Bench position
  • 0.50” Flat Bar
  • 0.31” Round Rail
  • Bench Height: 1.25” (1.50” with long leg kit, sold separately)
  • Flat Bar Height: 1.75” (2” with long leg kit, sold separately)
  • Round Rail Height: 1.75” (2” with long leg kit, sold separately)
  • Length 10”
  • Wt: 1.2 lbs



  • Rotate to select Flat Bar, Bench, Round Rail
  • Premium Welded Steel Frame
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Available in Black or Orange



Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 1.25 in
Height Settings


Flat Bar Height Settings


Round Rail Height Settings


Flat Bar Dimensions


Round Rail Diameter



Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Purple

5 reviews for Transformer Rail FB

  1. Parker L

    I won this fingerboard rail after spending 3 hours hunting for an Easter egg and you may think that’s a lot of time to spend hunting for a fingerboard rail but it was well worth it and once you buy this rail you’ll see why. With a lot of fingerboard products you need to tape them to a surface in order for them to not move or slide while fingerboarding. Not with this rail.. this thing is the real deal! Sturdy as heck!! Doesn’t give an inch no matter what trick I try. The round rail is smooth like butter and the squared rail has the most satisfying grind and hold to it. By far one of the best fingerboard products for the money I’ve found out there in over 15 years of fingerboarding. Your arsenal of equipment will be improved 10 fold. Super easy to change positions.. can do it in seconds! BUY IT!!

  2. Anthony Smedley

    This rail is amazing. It doesn’t budge no matter what trick I throw at it. I have to say the flat rail is my favorite feature but I can tell the round rail is really upping my game. Very stable to use on 2 different elevations (I back this comment up to 45 degrees). All around great product. I’m visiting this site to purchase my second rail if that tells you anything.

  3. Derek Hurley (verified owner)

    This is the end all be all FB rail. Super sturdy structure. Having the different options of square or round bar and as a bench is so unbelievably fun. This makes this rail perfect for practicing all types of ledge or rail tricks.

    I will be ordering another one as a travel companion to my FB, I like that I can take the legs off and I can store it a little easier then most rails. If you enjoy being happy buy this FB rail.

  4. Daniel (verified owner)

    Hey I’m in my 40’s and just got into fingerboarding last year. I’m learning but picked this up and love it. It’s 3 different options in one which saves space and saves money. It’s sturdy and well built. I will probably buy another one or two as backups and to keep one in the car for travel. Every time I start looking at benches or rails online to purchase I realize I already have it built into this. As someone who continues to learn tricks and get comfortable this has been a dream. Now I just need a ramp and I’m good for a while. Thank you for making this.

  5. 2Steezy


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