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What is a Transformer Rail?'s a 3 in 1 grind rail

Square Rail
Transformer Rail 6ft Bench Orange
Transformer Rail 6ft Round Orange
Round Rail

What is a Flip Rail?'s a 2 in 1 grind rail

Square Rail
Round Rail

8ft Transformer Rail

Preferred by advanced riders, allows for longer grinds and easier trick-in, trick-out combos.

Mini Transformer Rail (5ft)

Just getting started? The Mini offers lower heights to help you nail down core grinds and boardslides.

6ft Flip Rail

Portable and versatile! The Flip Rail makes it easy to learn square rail and round rail grinds.

Transformer Rail in action

rotate to select
bench - flat bar - round rail

Easier, Smoother Grinds

Easier, Smoother Grinds

The Transformer Rail is unmatched in grind-ability. Rock solid design and recessed top sheet help lock in grinds more easily, grind farther and land the trick.

Faster Progression

With an arsenal of rails at your disposal you can practice more tricks. With height settings up to 23” you can keep pushing yourself by upping the height.

Outstanding Durability

These rails were designed to take a beating, tough enough for bmx and built to last. We stand behind our product, which means we always do our best to make it right!

Not a Skater?

We Ain't Mad at You!

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Original Workshop - Transformer Rails
"Seriously couldn't be happier with this. Everything about it makes it worth every penny. Thank you for designing this and shipping it fast, only recommendation I have would be to make more! Haha"
M. Bryan
"For anyone wondering these are amazing, you can actually tail slide them or hit grinds at an angle like back smiths and they stay sturdy. Skated a few of the models with the owner at Stability skatepark. There's so many ways you can set them up."
Chris A.

Custom Builds

At Transformer Rails we offer comprehensive design and installation services for custom grind rails and other obstacles. We would love to provide an estimate for your project, please contact us for information!

Custom Built Rails by Transformer Rails
Custom 8ft Bench: 15” tall, 18” wide
Transformer Rails Custom 12ft Round Rail
12ft Round Rail, 15” tall
12ft Jumbo Rail: 15”-24” tall, 18” wide
$999 + shipping
Custom Short Legs Transformer Rail
Custom Short Legs Transformer Rail