About us

At Transformer Rails, we strive to advance skateboarding by providing the most unique, versatile, and fun to skate obstacles in the industry. Whether you are skating in your driveway, downtown, or at your local park, Transformer Rails gives you the perfect obstacle to land the tricks you want.

Transformer Rails is a Charleston, SC based company that was originally founded in Denver, CO. We are dedicated to providing the best grind rails on the market and as such, our rails are hand made and thoroughly tested to ensure durability. We appreciate the strong support we have received from many shops and users. Please ask about us at your local skateshop.

Original Workshop - Transformer Rails
This tiny garage is where some of the very first Transformer Rails where made
Growing up with only our driveway to skate, we always just had one box to practice on. We created the Transformer Rail to give skaters every obstacle in one, so you can practice every type of grind plus a bunch of other tricks like manuals and slappys or even use it as a high ollie bar.