"Seriously couldn't be happier with this. Everything about it makes it worth every penny. Thank you for designing this and shipping it fast, only recommendation I have would be to make more! Haha"
M. Bryan
"We are using ours this weekend for the Philly Cup series Pop Up skatepark. These rails are awesome, everyone should get one!"
AJ - The Skateboard Academy
"Love this rail, seriously the most sturdy rail! Wellll worth the money!"
A. Howard
"These are fun to skate. It's a pretty small company. I got to skate a few of them while they were touring around the midwest. Very solid, good enough to do blunts on."
"This thing is a must cop for any driveway sesh, this is really fun!
The Vault Pro Scooters
"For anyone wondering these are amazing, you can actually tail slide them or hit grinds at an angle like back smiths and they stay sturdy. Skated a few of the models with the owner at Stability skatepark. There's so many ways you can set them up."
Chris A.
"Back at Christmas I ordered a rail for our shop employee as a Xmas bonus... he loves it and rides the hell out of it each day!"
Plains Bike Shop
"If you're in the comment section right and you haven't gotten your self one of these... get one! I've had so many nice skate sessions on this rail and I've learned so much!"
"I'm really impressed with my transformer rail so far! Even on its highest level it's sturdy and doesn't want to flip over! It's holding up great too! I'm seriously stoked on my purchase!"
Nathan D.
"We've got one at the shop I work at and I've learned so many tricks."
"Thank you all so much for the awesome special order 8ft flip rail. My daughter and I love it, we are getting used to board sliding the round rail on the lowest setting. And the best part is that I have been able to slide the entire thing before she has... maybe the only trick I have ever been able to do before her."
M. Wakasa
"These will legitly improve your skating."
C. Herring