Bench - 12" wide

Great for learning boardslides. Just wide enough to manual.

Flat Bar - 3" Wide

Locks in stable 50-50s, boardslides and nose/tail-slides

Round Rail - 2 3/8"

Super smooth feebles and smith grinds, makes learning round rail tricks easier

4 Different Bench Heights: 12", 14", 16" & 18"  ·  Perfect for Any Skill level

More Settings Lets You Practice More Tricks and Keep Challenging Yourself as You Progress

8 Different Flat Bar Heights 13.3” - 22.5”
8 Different Round Rail Heights 14.3” - 23.4

Available in 5 Colors

And, a Non-Slip Rubber Foot & Rock Solid Design Means This Rail WILL NOT MOVE!

With Flat Bar and Round Rail Heights Up to 22+ inches, You Can Even Setup The Rail as a Low Handrail

Transformer Rail as a Handrail

Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Spot 

More settings gives you the flexibility to set up the rail just right for the tricks you want. Skate it in your driveway, on your neighborhood tennis or basketball court, or take it to the skate park to add variety. 

Growing up with only our driveway to skate, we always just had one box to practice on. We created the Transformer Rail to give skaters every obstacle in one, so you can practice every type of grind plus a bunch of other tricks like manuals and slappys or even use it as a high ollie bar.